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I'm scouting locations for my late summer/early fall DIY tour!  If you think you have a dope spot that you would like to have me play at, show meeee!  I'm thinking living rooms, backyards, event spaces, concert venues, the sky is the limit! If you think you have a cool little spot and could bring in a special intimate or big group (15+ people) I would love to try and get out to you! Please fill this out and let's see if we can get a fun event together! 

If you are not interested in hosting me BUT you have some sort of connection to a place or person who would love to either host me or book me for an event please send them this link or just shoot me a direct email at 

Excited to hear from you all!


To See You Happy

Mariah's latest single, released April 23rd, 2021

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