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I'm on my Second Leg of my very first tour! I am so excited to be able to meet some of you, and play live all over the country! 

Coming up next...

Boston, MA - June 18th
Montreal, Canada - June 19th
Toronto, Canada - June 23rd
Buffalo, NY - June 25th, 30th
Burdette, NY - June 26th

Cleveland, OH - July 14th
Columbus, OH - July 15th
Cincinnati, OH - July 16th
Louisville, KY - July 17th
St. Louis, MO - July 18th

Bloomington, IN - July 19th
Indianapolis, IN - July 20th

Chicago, IL - July 22nd
Minneapolis, MN - July 24th
Omaha, NE - July 25th
Kansas City, KS - July 28th
Oklahoma City, OK - July 29th
Las Vegas, NV - August 1st 

If I am coming to, or near a city near you, I'D LOVE TO MEET YOU!


I'm also still booking house shows! If you think you have a dope spot that you would like to have me play at, show meeee!  I'm thinking living rooms, backyards, event spaces, the sky is the limit!  

I would love to try and get out to you! Please fill this out if you'd like to book a house show, and we can discuss our options :) 

Excited to hear from you all!


Lost in the Sauce

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