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UNDERCOVER Submissions!

This form is for YOU to share your story about your experience with forbidden love. I want to be here to read and listen to a time in your life when you felt that you had to be undercover with your feelings for someone. I would love to include anyone that feels comfortable having their story shared during my video project for this song release! If you wish to remain anonymous throughout your sharing I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. You will be able to clarify the level of anonymity in this form. You may submit via video (you talking or you writing your story), text (submit a text story response), or via photo of your hand written story. 

THANK YOU for sharing. By submitting you are automatically going to receive a link to the UNDERCOVER ZOOM (happening in the beginning of April). I will be hosting it personally and you will have a chance to share, listen and connect to a safe community of people who have experienced similar experiences. I will provide a private server on Discord for all those who are submitting to have the opportunity to connect prior and after the zoom.

xoxo, Mariah

Submissions are now closed.
Thank you to everyone who entered!



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